PathwayOregon Partnership

Through the promise of financial support and a team of advisors invested in your success, PathwayOregon is committed to work in partnership with you to support your path to graduation. 

To help stay on track, all PathwayOregon award recipients are required to fulfill the PathwayOregon Partnership Agreement.  Within this partnership you will be asked to work with an advisor, create a plan for graduation, and make progress toward earning your degree.  

Partnership Agreement

First Year

  • Meet with an academic advisor fall, winter, and spring terms.
  • Meet at least once with a PathwayOregon advisor.
  • Make progress toward general education requirements:
    • Complete at least one writing course (WR 121, WR 122/123).
    • Complete at least four group-satisfying classes (Arts and Letters, Social Science, Science).
    • Begin coursework that will fulfill either the Bachelor of Science (Math) or the Bachelor of Arts (Foreign Language) requirement.
  • Complete coursework in declared major or major(s) of interest.
  • Earn enough credits to meet Sophomore class standing (45 total credits). 

Second Year

  • Meet with an academic advisor:
    • Declared: Meet at least once with an advisor in your major department 
    • Undeclared: Meet with a PathwayOregon advisor each term until you declare a major.
  • Make progress toward general education requirements:
    • Complete writing requirement
    • Complete at least four additional group-satisfying classes (AL, SSC, SCI)
    • Continue working toward BA/BS
  • Earn enough credits to meet Junior class standing (90 total credits).
  • Begin upper-division coursework (12 upper-division credits).

Third Year

  • Meet with an advisor in major department to complete a graduation plan, including:
  • Earn enough credits to meet Senior class standing (135 total credits). 
  • Earn upper-division coursework (36 total upper-division credits completed by years end). 

Fourth Year

  • Meet with an academic advisor:
    • Major department to confirm remaining major requirements
    • PathwayOregon advisor to confirm remaining degree requirements
  • Earn enough credits to be eligible to graduate (180 total credits, 62 upper-division credits).
  • Complete the “Apply for Undergraduate Degree” form on DuckWeb.

Choose Your Major

If you haven’t already declared a major, you should start actively thinking about which major you would like to pursue in your second year. It is especially helpful to choose your major before your third year, so you can benefit from more specialized planning for your upper-division courses. And remember: your PathwayOregon advising team is here to help you explore and navigate majors and changes in major. You don’t need to do it alone!

List of Majors

Plan for Graduation

As part of the Partnership Agreement, third-year students are required to meet with a major advisor and develop a graduation plan. This plan will map out your remaining coursework and will keep you on track to graduate in 4 years (or 12 terms).

Thinking Beyond Graduation