Spring Term Financial Aid Timeline


Below you will find important financial dates and deadlines for PathwayOregon students.

Important Financial Dates for SPRING Term


    immediate action

    Check to see if you have 2022-23 Financial Aid requirements. 

    Students are often required to submit additional documentation after they've completed their FAFSA.

    You will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office if you have remaining requirements. You will need to complete these requirements before you receive a Financial Aid Offer.

    To ensure all your requirements are met, go to: DuckWeb > Financial Aid Menu > Eligibility and Requirements > Select Aid Year (next year)  

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    Friday, march 11 (or earlier)

    Set up Direct Deposit

    Set up Direct Deposit for Financial Aid and loan disbursement. When financial aid exceeds the charges on your bill, the credit will be refunded through your direct deposit.

    Please note: If Direct Deposit is not activated, refunds will be mailed to the student’s mailing address listed in DuckWeb.

    Set up Direct Deposit


    Friday, March 18

    Spring Term Bill Notification

    Your Spring term bill may include charges from residence hall room and board, tuition, and/or fees.

    Payment Due Dates


    Friday, March 18

    Financial Aid Disbursement Begins

    The initial financial aid disbursement begins for Spring term. You can learn more about financial aid disbursement at the link below.

    Disbursement Information


    Friday, april 1

    Spring 2022 Bill Due

    (Grace Period until Sunday, Apr 10)

    Your bill for Spring Term residence hall room and board, tuition, and/or fees is due on the first of the month. Your monthly bill must be paid in full by the due date to avoid interest and billing fees.

    How to Make a Payment


    Monday, april 4

    Add Deadline and Financial Aid Census Date

    PathwayOregon students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits (full-time) to receive PathwayOregon funding.

    Financial Aid is finalized based on registered number of credits. The census date is immediately after the final add deadline each term. At that time your financial aid eligibility is reviewed. If your enrollment level has changed, your aid may be affected.

    Financial Aid and Enrollment


    april 5-7

    PathwayOregon Financial Aid Adjustment

    Your PathwayOregon Award is finalized after the Financial Aid Census date to cover any remaining tuition and fees above 12 credits. Your Financial Aid will be adjusted at this time to account for any change in your PathwayOregon Award.



    Next Year's Financial Aid Offer

    Once grades have been reviewed for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) eligible students will receive their financial aid offer by email. 

    If you do not receive this email by July, it is likely you have outstanding financial aid requirements on DuckWeb that need to be completed.

    Check DuckWeb in July to review your aid offer or to complete any outstanding requirements. 

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